well I’ve been so down and felt so low
but life seems that it wouldn’t let me go
nature keeps me back on hold
with all the things I want to show
all my hopes and all my love
dedicated just for the world to know....

when the vibe and beats soon hit the groove
it’s time for you to make a move
make you smile and win your heart
then watch them tear your life apart
was it me or them that’s hurting you
it’s funny because it hurts me too
when everything needs its reason
and there’s nothing else you can do....

what you gonna do now?
if you feel like letting go
what you gonna do now?
cry your heart out and sell your soul
what you gonna do now?
well if I can shout then I can show
that no one was trying to live here
but I never thought it would be that soon....

i'm so tired but I couldn’t sleep until dawn
just like fire she kept me warm but now she’s gone
and if everyone was just like me and you
lets chase this dream with me now
if you got nothing else to do....

i love this song!! nice and good sounds from bittersweet and i'm still miss you pijie pisang.....hahaha!!!

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